Cougar Packaging Solutions

What industrial packaging leadership looks like.

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Cougar Packaging Solutions uses its 50+ years of deep and broad problem-solving experience to create quality industrial packaging solutions. The company wanted to establish a new look so that it could stand out from the crowd. Gerard worked with Cougar to develop the new look of its brand and then designed its website, business cards, notecards and collateral to seamlessly incorporate this new branding across all channels — all while aligning to the company’s current logo.


  • Business cards
  • Capabilities brochure
  • Notecards
  • Rebranding
  • Sell sheets
  • Social posts
  • Strategic messaging foundation
  • Website design and development
Cougar Packaging Solutions
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Brand Development

There’s so much more to making shipping materials than meets the eye: engineering a cost-effective package, factoring for product challenges, designing a structure that ensures safe arrival, working with print vendors to create an actual box and much more.

To communicate this idea visually, Gerard’s geometric line overlay on the front cover of Cougar’s brochure represents all of these considerations coming together. Since its inception, this element has become a unique and powerful part of Cougar’s branding.

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