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Brita PRO® was looking to activate consumer demand through education and promotion that raised awareness around water contaminants and Brita PRO’s position as the home filtration leader. Gerard worked with Brita PRO to develop strategic foundational messaging and rebranding concepts, execute these concepts through the website and 20 microsites, provide assets for the dealer Ingage presentation and develop pay-per-click ads and follow-up emails.


  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Dealer microsites
  • Emails
  • Keyword research and SEO
  • Partner portal
  • PPC campaign
  • Rebranding
  • Strategic messaging foundation
  • Website design and development
Brita PRO
BritaPro website shown on laptop
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Rebrand Identity

Nothing brings Brita PRO’s commitment to clean, healthy water to life more than lifestyle photography. By showing families happily using water in their homes — whether washing dishes, doing laundry, preparing food and more — Brita PRO’s identity has become synonymous with trust, clarity, reliability and safety.

Brita PRO selected this direction from 3 separate website concepts, which also drove the look of its general product brochure.

mother and daughter doing laundry
BritaPro website shown on mobile device
BritaPro website shown on mobile device