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Making a lasting impact on social media

When it comes to social media, some of the first things that may come to mind are scrolling through food pics, memes, vacation photos, or our favorite: funny dog videos. But social media is so much more than an entertaining escape from reality, it’s also a must-have for every business.

In fact, brands are just as active on social channels as consumers (if not more), and maintaining a presence across LinkedIn, Meta, Instagram, and X is necessary for staying relevant and top of mind. The question is: what will make people stop scrolling and start interacting with your brand instead of passing you by for friends, family, and dogs wearing hats? Here are some options:

  • News and updates Following your company allows people to stay current about new offerings, features, promotions, etc.
  • Special deals and discounts Providing exclusive discounts or early access to sales engages social media followers.
  • Entertainment value Fun and engaging content (including amusing posts, contests, etc.) makes your brand feel more accessible.
  • A demonstration of support Customers may follow you because they agree with your values/mission and want to endorse you.
  • Customer service DM-based customer service via social media provides another way for your customers to get help.
  • A “backstage” look Giving behind-the-scenes peeks into your operations/culture offers transparency.
  • Networking opportunities People may be interested in a career or partnership with your company.
  • Feedback Engaged followers will interact and share thoughts on company posts and new rollouts.
  • Brand advocacy Loyal and devoted followers can actively promote and defend your brand within their networks.
  • Community Social communities provide a place for people to feel like they belong.

If your brand is looking to increase likes and gain followers across social channels, consider posting with the above factors in mind. Varied content helps maintain interest, so providing a healthy mix of brand awareness, thought leadership, and entertainment can go a long way — with the occasional discount or consultation offer sprinkled in for good measure. The result? A valuable connection with your followers that they will continue to care about. Happy posting!

Have questions about how to make social media work harder for your brand? Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help.