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B2B Paper Cuts

Is direct mail still relevant?

People are bombarded with communications on a daily basis. Texts, emails, social posts, DMs, retargeting ads, banners, TV commercials, billboards, and more are all vying for peoples’ attention at work and home. Because this can be so overwhelming, many of us have learned to tune it out.

So what happens when direct mail is added to the list? Just like letters, flyers, and postcards that get tossed in the junk pile at home, so can printed marketing collateral received by business customers. But when direct mail is done right, not only does it break through the clutter, it can also deliver powerful results. Here’s why direct mail still matters in the world of B2B:

  • Targeted reach Direct mail enables your brand to target specific B2B audiences and demographics using mailing lists and databases. This allows you to leverage more personalized and relevant messaging.
  • Tangibility Physical mail stands out in the digital age. The materiality of direct mail makes it feel more substantial, and recipients are actually more likely to open and engage with it versus email. This is especially true of dimensional mailers and packaging that conveys urgency.
  • Branding Printed marketing materials like direct mail reflect your brand identity through design, paper choice, etc. It’s a tactile medium for showcasing branding to other businesses.
  • Response tracking Unique codes, QR codes, etc. on direct mail allow detailed tracking and measurement of response rates and lead generation. This data can help inform your future marketing.
  • Cost effectiveness The cost per lead or conversion can be very low, which is why when done right, direct mail can actually offer a better return on investment than other forms of marketing.

That being said, there are two things to keep in mind before launching your next direct mail campaign: (1) Use of paper impacts the environment. Consider using paper, packaging, and shipping materials made with recycled content to help address this head-on (2) In the digital age, direct mail may seem outdated to certain audiences, especially if the businesses you’re targeting specialize in technology. Include QR codes, hyperlinks, audio chips, or built-in video players to bridge the gap between paper and pixels.

The bottom line? If sent to the right audiences and leveraged strategically as part of a multichannel approach, direct mail marketing can still be a relevant tactic for you to leverage today — and one that’s set to deliver well into the future.

Have questions about how your direct mail campaigns can break through the clutter? Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help.