Sustainability Philosophy

Gerard understands that our planet's future depends on the actions we take today. As a strategic branding and marketing communications agency, we believe that sustainable thinking drives innovation, enhances brand value, and contributes to a healthier planet. That’s why everything we do is based on what we call the “Five Ps”: Purpose. People. Planet. Profit. Passion.

By embedding sustainability into our core business strategy, Gerard aims to create meaningful change in our industry and beyond. Because at the end of the day, Gerard isn’t just creating brands and developing campaigns; we're crafting a sustainable future, one idea at a time.

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Sustainability Policy

At Gerard, we recognize our responsibility to operate in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our business operations.

Key commitments:

  1. Environmental stewardship: Our office uses LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances, has implemented a recycling program for paper, plastic, and electronic waste, and uses eco-friendly cleaning products to minimize chemical pollution.

    • Reduce energy consumption and transition to renewable energy sources where possible
    • Minimize waste through reduction, reuse, and recycling initiatives
    • Prioritize eco-friendly office supplies and equipment
  1. Sustainable operations: We use digital documents whenever possible to minimize paper consumption, and our thermostat system optimizes energy use for heating and cooling.

    • Implement digital-first practices to reduce paper use
    • Encourage remote work and virtual meetings to decrease commuting emissions
    • Choose sustainable vendors and suppliers
  1. Green marketing practices: Gerard prioritizes digital marketing campaigns over print to reduce paper waste, and we partner with environmentally responsible printers when physical materials are necessary.

    • Advise clients on sustainable marketing strategies and materials
    • Promote digital marketing solutions over traditional print when appropriate
    • Develop expertise in sustainability communications to support clients' green initiatives
  1. Employee engagement: Our employees and their families practice sustainable commuting methods such as bicycling or electric vehicle (EV) usage and our employees have minimized single-use plastics in our office environment.

    • Educate and involve employees in sustainability efforts
    • Encourage sustainable commuting options
    • Support employee-led sustainability initiatives
  1. Continuous improvement: Gerard stays informed about emerging sustainable technologies in our industry and we set company-wide sustainability goals.

    • Regularly assess and report on our sustainability performance
    • Set annual sustainability goals and track progress
    • Stay informed about emerging sustainability practices in our industry
  1. Client partnerships: We proactively suggest eco-friendly alternatives in our branding and marketing proposals, and celebrate and promote our clients' sustainability achievements.

    • Collaborate with clients to develop sustainable branding and marketing solutions
    • Prioritize working with clients who share our commitment to sustainability

Everyone at Gerard is dedicated to integrating these principles into our daily operations and long-term strategy, recognizing that our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing process of learning and improvement.

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